Angels of the Earth Interfaith Community

Mission Statement

Angels of the Earth Interfaith Community is dedicated to promoting friendship and understanding among people of all races, cultures and religions.

There is not and there shall never be a specific doctrine other than the recognition that we are ONE derived from the same Source.

It is accepted and agreed that religion, culture and traditions are only manifestations of interactions on the earth plane.

As we move towards the absolute, beyond time and space, religion, culture and traditions dissolve into ONENESS

The main tenets members must abide by are:

AGAPE (Universal Unconditional Love)



Unwittingly we hurt others. All members of Angels of the Earth Interfaith Community are to be encouraged to strivefor sharing and cooperation in all streams of life.


• to bring together people of all faiths and beliefs by establishing commonality;

• to provide social and charitable services in Canada, and whenever circumstances warrant such action, said services may be carried out throughout the globe;

•  to apply best efforts to ensure that anyone seeking assistance from Angels of the Earth Interfaith Community will be treated, with respect, dignity and compassion, regardless of race, creed, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age, education, or financial means;

•  to within reason and whenever possible and/or appropriate, at the discretion of Angels of the  Earth Interfaith Community to seek a safe haven for those in need;

• to offer educational programmes to empower individuals to become self-sufficient, emotionally, physically and financially;

• to encourage and promote global ecological equilibrium through information dissemination and educational programmes.

• to perform birth, marriage and funeral rites, in accordance with the local laws.