Quantum Physicists have become the metaphysicians of old.

Due to a new understanding in quantum mechanics ancient mysteries are now explained.

We are truly ONE.

Journey to ONENESS

Start your journey by understanding that all is One; duality is concept of the earth plane.

While the brain strives to understand, religion dictates acceptance of prescribed dogma - FAITH.  

These concepts can be a source of inner conflict. For some it is impossible to accept something that cannot be understood.

Next Step


No judgement; just assessment

Anatomy of Behaviour

     Beliefs     Perception  Emotion Thought   Behaviour/Action

Stimulus is NEUTRAL  

Polarity (negative/positive) is  selected by perception

eg.  Perfume.  The most expensive perfume will smell good to some, and bad to others..

Thus, past experiences acquired through the senses, even pre vocabulary determine perception.

Change your perception; change your life!

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Angels of the Earth Interfaith Community

Consider a new mode of thinking:


           Dual  View/Opposites                         Whole/ONE

                       Hot/cold                         Degrees of Temperature

                      Rich/Poor                        Degrees of  Abundance

                   Health/Illness                       Degrees of Well-Being

Darkness is not the opposite of light; darkness if the absence of LIGHT!

Hate is not the opposite of love; hate is the absence of LOVE!